All 100% natural herbal gout, menstrual, joint, back, knee, shoulder pain relief. 20 Capsules per box. Take 2 capsules twice daily when needed.

Disclaimer: Do not take while pregnant. This product does not intend to treat or cure any disease, please speak with your doctors if you have any health issues before taking this herbal supplements.

bệnh gút, đau khớp, đau lưng, uống 2 viên mỗi ngày . 2 lần khi cần. Thận trọng: không dùng trong khi mang thai.

Todo 100% a base de hierbas naturales, gota, d olor en las articulaciones, dolor de espalda, 2 cápsulas dos veces al día cuando sea necesario. 

Katoa 100% otaota otaota taiao, haehaa, hono, tuara, turi, mamae mamae o pokohiwi.


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