TDCARE (lower blood sugar and cholesterol supplements)

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TDCARE help to lowers blood glucose and cholesterol. Support to prevent diabetic complications. Take 2 capsules after meal. 2 times per day. 

Disclaimer: Do not take while pregnant. This herbal product does not claim to treat or cure any disease. This supplement does not replace your doctor's medicine.  You should talk to a medical professional before taking any herbal should you have any medical conditions.

Giúp giảm đường huyết và cholesterol. Hỗ trợ ngăn ngừa biến chứng tiểu đường. 

Ayuda a reducir la glucosa en sangre y el colesterol. Apoyo para prevenir complicaciones diabéticas. Tomar 2 cápsulas después de la comida. 2 veces al día.


Fesoasoani TDCARE e faʻaititia le toto suka ma le toto. Lagolago e puipuia faʻafitauli o le maʻisuka. Ave 2 capsule pe a uma le 'aiga. 2 taimi ile aso.